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THE GATE healing method is intended for healing, empowerment and spiritual development. 

The gate works by means of mapping the causes of our symptoms without having to figure out what they are. It raises the feelings-thinking-response patterns that do not serve us and while the patterns are active, systematic work is done to make their roots disappear.

THE GATE penetrates the deep layers of the subconscious, and remove restrictive obstruction and patterns, which govern us. instead it integrates patterns that benefit us.

Simply and efficiently THE GATE  creates and empowerment in all area of life: relationship, communication, self-fulfillment and creation of abundance.

The healing process enhances our mental and physical wellbeing and promotes self-acceptance and self-love.

It improves the flow of life force in our body and awakens our intuition.

The method focuses on healing the mind and restoring it to its basic state, without the fears, the worries and the


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THE GATE Basic Course  – Learn how to heal yourself and others!

This course teaches the powerful and innovative principles of the method and its unique practicing techniques.  

In this course you will go through a focused and intensive process of personal empowerment, healing and spiritual development. The three-day intensive basic course, as a whole, initiates you to THE GATE method.

The course provides effective tools for change and healing and is suitable for psychotherapists, holistic therapists, healers and life coaches. The course is not only intended for professional practitioners, but also for those
interested in living a better life, evolving spiritually, empowering themselves and enjoying more freedom.

During the course, conditionings, emotional remnants, traumas and restrictive beliefs, patterns which do not serve us and undesirable mental and physical symptoms, dissolve and vanish. As a result, an internal space of freedom, serenity, self-acceptance, inner power and creativity, is created. 

Study Program

  • Elimination of restrictive vows and oaths from all periods of life
  • Release mental and energetic ties
  • Learning  and practicing mindfulness
  • Initiation to the THE GATE method
  • Meditation of self-love and self-acceptanceLive illustration of a facilitation session
  • Learning and practicing how to hold a session, giving and receiving a session

Instructional Manual

You will receive a training manual including the techniques studied during the course.


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The GATE Basic Course, Registration Fee: $180, course cost: $550

In order to reserve your place at THE GATE Basic Course you are required to pay a registration fee of 180 US
The registration fee is non refundable. The rest of the course fee may be paid up to 3 days before
the course starts by credit card/paypal, cash or check.


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