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THE GATE Healing session

How does a Healing Session of THE GATE is carried out?                                                                      

THE GATE is an innovative method of healing, empowerment and personal development. THE GATE is highly focused and works simultaneously on several levels: on the subconscious, the conscious, the energetic, the emotional & mental levels and on the spiritual level. Therefore, lasting unprecedented progress and fast and steady results are achieved.

The focused work is performed with eyes closed. During work you will be guided and supported by me.

We will choose an issue that you would like to work on, and I will guide you through manifestation of an embodiment, that is related to the issue that you struggle with.

At this stage you will experience a variety of meaningful thoughts, feelings, sensations, sights and insights.

I will guide you to observe those feelings, sensations sights and insights. I will also guide you to release the decisions and vows that you have taken that control your life and increase the level of concerns, stress, anger and self-judgment, and the beliefs that are holding you back. As well I will guide you to release the energetic ties that you have with people or traumatic events in your past, which are the cause of the depletion of your energy.

During this healing process obstructions to self-fulfillment, mental and physical well-being, dissolve, and new abilities are acquired.

In most of the sessions, when you release all the obstacles that are in your system, and resisting the embodiment that we choose to work on, you will experience the “opening state” of THE GATE. In this state you will feel relaxed and floating and you will benefit from a deep healing, a release from energetic blocks, and an increasing flow of energy. This very meaningful experience will train you on the subconscious level to live your life out of that natural state of connection to yourself, self-acceptance, and help you manifest what your heart desires.


The treatments can be held from a distance, using Skype , in your home.