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Break down the barriers that are holding you back from living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.
The GATE is an innovative method for healing, empowerment and self – development.

What Does THE GATE Do For You?

-The GATE creates changes in the conscious, subconscious and the energetic channels, which have impact on our state of health and well-being.

-The GATE transforms thinking patterns, feelings and behavior that do not serve us , replacing them with up-to-date patterns, that do serves us.

-THE GATE enhances our mental and physical well-being and promotes self-acceptance and self-love. 

-It improves the flow of life force in our body and awakens our intuition. 

-It focuses on healing the mind and restoring it to its basic state.

-It allows us to make fundamental changes in our state of mind, and belief systems. 

-It helps us be more centered, more intuitive, and more present in our every day lives. 

This course is intended for professional practitioners, as well as for those interested in living a better life, evolving spiritually,  and empowering themselves.

During the course, emotional remnants, traumas and restrictive beliefs, patterns, which do not serve us dissolve and vanish.

As a result, an internal space of freedom, serenity, self-acceptance, inner power an creativity, is created.

While studying the principles and the tools and practicing the techniques, you will go through a focused and intensive process of healing, personal development and empowerment.

Dates:  February 2017

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

The course will be taught by:

Daniella Eli Sol, Energy Healer and Relationship Coach

The GATE Teacher; Kundalini Reiki Master


Study program highlights 

  • Release of restrictive vows and oaths 

  • Release of mental and energetic ties 

  • Learning and practicing mindfulness

  • Initiation to THE GATE method

  • Meditation of self-love

  • Live illustration of a facilitation session 

  • Learning and practicing how to hold a session

  • Training manual will be provided.

Course Testimonials

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