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Amazing Coach

Nov 20, 2016 by Serge Rogazik

"Daniela is an amazing coach. What she does is simply magic! She combines her coaching skills, her amazing intuition and her experience with the cognitive re-framing power of Yohai Israeli’s Gate process into a very unique coaching practice. This triggers swift transformation and accelerated personal development, allowing executives to navigate common transition leadership challenges and avoid pitfalls difficult situations. Daniela has become a regular coach for me and she has already had a tremendous impact on my personal and professional life. I heavily recommend her."
Serge Rogazik
Executive Vice President

Highly recommended

May 25, 2016 by Florence Kehrer-Bory, Geneva, Switzerland

Being an old psychologist has advantages and disadvantages ! The pluses are experience and hopefully, at times, wisdom. The minuses are that one has seen a lot of other therapists, coaches during this lifetime and one gets a bit « tired » of the usual tricks that we all use. With Daniella, who came highly recommended by my sister, my expectations were high. Also I always want to see how the other therapists work, how do I feel their work. Can I trust that person ? There is no doubt I could do so with Daniella from session one. I found her very attentive, subtle and skilled. She has a very good memory and goes back to details I told her in prior sessions and uses them with a perfect timing. In a few sessions she got me out of a deeply intricate and at times very painful situation that still remained unhealed. It almost feels like I am Sleeping Beauty waking up from a long, long sleep and I am now able to look at that situation realizing how much I have learned from it but also how that page, in fact those pages have been turned and I can put that book with those chapters on a shelf knowing it has played a huge part in my life. That book has been read and experienced, and now, thanks to Daniella, I can start a whole new one.
Thank you so much Daniella ! I have referred you to other people without a single doubt or fear that you will be as intuitive and healing as you were with me.

Powerful Healer

Apr 05, 2016 by Alexandra K.

Daniella is a powerful healer whose insight and depth is second to none. Her ability to get to the heart of what you are struggling with, even when you can not articulate it, is amazing. Her gift, support and incredible thoughtfulness sets her apart.

Exceeded my expectations

Nov 10, 2015 by Elliott R.

Working with Daniella has been pivotal in overcoming some of my most deeply rooted personal, familial and social difficulties. Her insights are clear, accurate and incredibly helpful. What’s more, her attention to details and careful perception have led me to conclusions I never could have drawn alone. I cannot imagine having made the progress I made without her; it exceeded my expectations. Moving forward, Daniella has become the person I turn to for help, advice and progression.

Amazing teacher

Mar 06, 2015 by Linda Armstrong

I so enjoy working with Daniella! She is such an amazing teacher and so intuitive! She has a soft beautiful way of teaching, you can really feel the love come through her words.
Thank you Daniella for all that you do. I love you!"

~ Linda Armstrong
Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach

Thank you!

Dec 18, 2014 by Rachel

I can't express enough how intuitive and patient Daniella is. I recently completed a Gate workshop with her and already I feel shifts in my life. Daniella is able to give personal attention at just the right times and really helped guide my practice to be the most effective it could be. I am thankful and feel blessed that I met her.


Aug 22, 2014 by Rachel Tsimerman

Dear Daniella,

Everything in life has a purpose. I am very greatfull to Helen that she introduced us. I want to thank you very much for the great oportunity to learn from you all these amazing modalities which will help us to feel better with ourselves, and help others. I am looking forward to complete the Kundalini Reiki course with you, and many more that you could offer us.
Love and Peace,


Aug 06, 2014 by Annath Vardi

Dear Daniella,
I want to thank you for teaching me this amazing modality: Kundalini Reiki. I've been using it a lot, for myself, and for my friends and my family. It is so simple and so powerful at the same time.

Real deal

Aug 06, 2014 by Rev.Helen

A gentle soul, compassionate and insightful - Daniella is real natural healer! She is experienced and very knowledgeable. With her you are feeling secure and in a good hands.When she is attending to you - the healing is near and amazing things happens.
God bless you,my dear. Good luck with your work.
Thanks for your help.
Helen M.

Thank you very much

Jul 31, 2014 by Violaine R.

I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful workshop that you lead so perfectly! The gate has been for me such a extraordinary experience. Not only I met wonderful people but it was such a transforming experience for me . I sensing of course how supportive the technique is going to be in my everyday life and this feel so good! I can't wait to continue practicing and to extend my knowledge to next level.
I am starting this new week with a very peaceful mind that I haven't experimented in a long time, and I am so thankful!

I wish you all the best for your trip and all my dear thanks again Daniella! , USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 "Daniela is an amazing coach. What she does is simply magic! She combines her coaching skills, her amazing intuition and her experience with the cognitive re-framing power of Yoha

I recommend Daniella as she has much knowledge in her field.

I have been through sessions with her which have changed my life as with her sensitivity and assertiveness she was able to focus on the issues needing treatment.
She leads you to find in your interior the subjects that bother you and leads you effectively in the process.

She is a real professional.

Susana Tiano

Daniella is a wonderful person who helps other people become better and achieve their goals. She has the ability to understand deep into the human soul, and with the method "The Gate" leads her patients in the direction they need or want to go.

I highly recommend Daniella and wish her all the best in this new stage in her life.

Annath Vardi

Dear Daniella,

I feel that I have made the right decision coming to you for a treatment.

You have revealed a magical world for me, different from everything that I've ever known before, and the most important thing it works the best. We went to a joined journey. You led me step by step, and each time another shield was exposed. Sometimes it hurt, but you were always there for me. You are very sensitive and patient. You knew when to push, and when it is time to let go, and always with a smile and lots of love and understanding. You gave me great tools for the rest of my journey, and I'm just grateful for meeting you and for the world that was opened up for me. I wish you with lots of love. That you will continue to spread your light around you and that you will receive not less than what you give.

You are a very special woman.

Anat Tsadok

I came to Daniella after 4 years of being divorced. I was disappointed from men in that stage and couldn't believe I can fall in love again. After couple of sessions I felt better and started dating again. Today I feel much more self - love and acceptance, and I'm more satisfied and confident.

With great love and appreciation...

Liraz S.

I came to Daniella after many years of trying to find peace to my troubled soul.

Around the age of 40, I recall very difficult memories and experiences. Despite all the healing and the spiritual work that I have done, I was still in a certain level of anxiety. When I met Daniella I was a little bit desperate, but still willing to get help. Today after three treatments, I feel that it really helped me. I feel that the treatments helped me to release things that I couldn’t release by myself. It’s a deeper understanding of my automatic patterns, and now I understand that I have the option to choose different, for my favour, and for my true healing.

Thank you my dear...

Tamar A.

For a period of time I came to several sessions with Daniella. In every session we focused in an issue that was occupied me.

Daniella is a very special women, which has wisdom and an enormous energy that she transfer in the treatment. In the first session we worked on my relationship with my mother that were very complicated and improved a lot after the treatment. After that I experienced several sessions that helped me believe in myself and to allow myself to find my own way of expression, that is very different from the environment in which I was brought up.

I’m still in the process, but feeling much stronger and very highly recommend Daniella...

Efrat, H.

Daniella treats people with TethaHealing and The Gate method, which are both spiritual methods that override the rational mind and go directly to the heart of our emotional blasts. Every session with Daniella brings relief and release, and a step forward in your personal development.

I highly recommend...

Ahuva Rivlin

Daniella is a woman full of compassion and patience. I want to thank you for the process that we started three months ago. Still in the process but the inner sense is more of self-love and self-acceptance. Daniella my dear, you have endowed great energies of love that you transfer to your patients. In the sessions I have experienced empowering currents of love and liberation.

Irene I.

I want to thank you for the magic. A magic that begins with holding hands and finish with a little smile. Through you I experience self-awareness, empowerment, and attention that allows me a deep insight on my life. The generosity and acceptance and warmth that you give empower the treatment and allow me to live my life in a better quality. I’m thankful for meeting you and I know that your special magic will move on and touch as many.

Anat Galtsur

I came to Daniella because I was curious, and then I realized after couple of sessions in which I have shared my emotions, that many emotional barriers opened up, that it’s just too difficult for me to explain. Daniella is a kind woman and over-flowing light. Every session with her is a spiritual experience.

I’m looking forward to our next meeting.

I highly recommend,


Ilana A