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What is kundalini Reiki?

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful form of spiritual healing that anyone can learn.

The combination of Kundalini energy and Reiki work in synergy, to promote a connection to a very strong energy frequency that leads to Wisdom, Understanding, Love and Peace.

It’s primary purpose is to provide healing and spiritual evolution to humankind and to assist in the journey towards enlightenment.

The goal of Kundalini Reiki is to raise the energy from the bottom of the spinal column to the crown chakra. By opening and stimulating the major chakra energy centers, we can channel Reiki healing energy for ourselves and others, simply by focusing our intention and connecting to the earth energy.

During the course of Kundalini Reiki, you will learn different ways and means of giving treatment to yourself and to another person including long-distance healing.

The course will be given online.

Daniella Eli Sol, Intuitive Healer and Relationship Coach Kundalini Reiki Master

The course fee: $180


Study program highlights

Three levels of attunements:

  • Kundalini Reiki Level I

  • Kundalini Reiki Level II

  • Kundalini Reiki Level III

Bonus attunements:

Balance All: This is for balancing all the main chakras.

Diamond Reiki: Enhances the power of the other healing energies you have been attuned to.

Crystalline Reiki: Heals past physical traumas.

Birth Trauma Reiki: This deals with the subconscious issues created during the process of being born.

Location Reiki: Release the karmic bonds that we have with places.

Past Life Reiki: This is ideal to start helping to heal past lives and to resolve karmic issues.

* Training manual will be provided.

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