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About Me


Welcome To My Website

Energy Healer and Relationship Coach, I guide, heal, and help people to make a significant change in their lives, combining my formal education with holistic modalities and coaching strategies.

My journey began 10 years ago when I gave birth to my twin girls. Due to complications during my pregnancy, I suffered from cardiomyopathy and was declared completely disabled. It was my worst nightmare, from an independent woman I became 100% dependent. but at the same time it was a blessing in disguise because this life changing experience led me on a path of soul-searching and helped me discover my true calling.

After only one year I fully recovered, due to my strong believe in my ability to heal, and in the power of energy healing. This was my personal miracle, that led me to study and explore various holistic modalities. I discovered that my true calling is to heal, guide, and empower people to believe in their power.

Since 2010 I’ve supported and helped many people to find their soul mate, improve their relationships, and develop deepen connections with their loved ones, to end abusive relationships, and to identify their true life passion and follow it.

I specialize in relationships, because I believe that everything is related to it. Our relationship with our parents, children, spouse, boss, colleagues, friends and most important our relationship with our selves. Being more connected to ourselves and others, loving and accepting ourselves as we are, and having a strong sense of belonging, effects our happiness, and our overall well-being.

General Education

2002-2006 : BA in social science from Tel Aviv Open University.  Graduated summa cum laude  

2007-2009 : Advanced Studies: Parental group guidance. Graduated summa cum laude 

Holistic Education

2010: Theta Healing  Advanced DNA facilitator

2011: The Gate healing Facilitator 

2012: Kundalini Reiki Master

2013: Bach flowers Therapy facilitator

2013: The Gate healing certified teacher  

Professional Development

2015: Certified professional Coach by World Coach Institute

2016: Certified Relationship Coach by World Coach Institute

2016: Harvard University – Continuing Education: Leadership Coaching Strategies 


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